9959048_sYou may remember the epithet in the title above from a post of ours from last year when an EEOC lawsuit was filed against a Long Island health insurance broker.  The broker reportedly said to the only three administrative staff members over age 40:   “Get it together you f**king old people!,” as well as “You need to wear more make-up because of your wrinkles” and “Look at that old f**k.”

We commented that “On the heels of our recent posts about age-based coded language, there is nothing coded about these remarks — they are as direct as evidence can be showing age-animus.”

We also said that “If the matter does not settle and the case is tried and proved, this employer will likely pay through its young nose.”

Well, the employer just settled and still paid through the nose.

The EEOC just reported that the employer agreed to settle for $300,000, and an EEOC lawyer said that “Age discrimination is of great concern to us, because older workers continue to face negative stereotypes in the workplace. Employers cannot make decisions based on discriminatory stereotypes and inaccurate assumptions based on age.”