20902642_sWe received some interesting reader comments from our April 15th post Tired of That Unmotivated Employee?  Pay Them to Quit.

Most people who wrote back thought the idea was a good one:

Rod Brown, Employer Advocate at AskRodBrown.HR noted “Hard costs and benefits aside, what I like about the strategy is that employees must decide whether to remain or go. Indecision and uncertainty contributes to apathy. For those on the fence, a decision to stay should improve engagement.”

John T. Duncan III, Director, Legal Affairs: Contracts IP/Technology Licensing Risk Compliance Employment Law commented “Disengaged, detached, and ultimately disgruntled employees pose a substantial risk to the achievement of company goals.   So long as the company gets a waiver of any and all claims, it’s a fair deal and the most constructive outcome for all.”

The idea wasn’t all roses.  One reader, Elizabeth Smith, Researcher aptly noted “Would that it was always that easy! When you are limited in what you can spend – redundancy entitlement – and if they have a protected characteristic (the worst ones inevitably do!) you have this troublemaker on your hands for a long, long time. Which is why they are such a burden to public authorities.”

It is definitely an interesting idea.  We’d be willing to hear from other companies whether they have tried this and what the results were.