There are few subjects we have written more about than the use of the “N-word” in the workplace — which seems to be ever-present when racial harassment is alleged.  On September 28, 2012 we said that “It is extraordinary that the “N-word” and the noose keep reappearing in lawsuits claiming a racially harassing workplace, as we have shown in our recent blogs.”

On February 4, 2013 we asked “What do you need to do to wave a large red flag in front of the EEOC? Well, for one you can tolerate or ignore, or worse condone, the use of the N-Word and nooses in the workplace. We, jaded as we are, who think that we have seen or heard it all, are still shocked when egregious racial claims of this type are filed.  Indeed, we tend to write about each such case brought by the EEOC.”

7805907_sWell, the EEOC just announced that a Florida waste disposal and recycling company has been ordered by a federal court to pay $228,603 in another case where the “N-word” was used.

The EEOC alleged that the “highest-level managers” at the company harassed and discriminated against its only black driver by giving him less favorable routes, forcing him to do degrading and unsafe work, and subjecting him to racial slurs including that favorite word used to racially harass blacks — the “N-word.”  He was fired after discussing the upcoming 2008 election with his manager.

“This case illustrates that race discrimination and harassment continue to be problems in the American workplace,” said an EEOC attorney.

Hard to believe in 2014 but true.