We were happy yesterday to refer readers to a great treatise by our friend, Ellen Pinkos Cobb, Esq., entitled “Bullying, Violence, Harassment, Discrimination and Stress which she updated for 2014.    As a number of clamoring readers reminded us, we forgot to tell you where to get it.

It is available on Amazon.com or through thesogroup.com or 617-330-2800.7933766_s

For those who missed our post yesterday, we noted that Ellen’s updated edition covers new developments in countries all over the world: the new Australian workplace bullying law; new EU developments on stress and psychosocial risks at work; Canada’s release of a national voluntary standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace; Ontario’s 1.46 million bullying award and Victoria’s over half a million bullying award; British Columbia’s new workplace bullying and harassment policies; South Africa’s Protection from Harassment Act; Denmark’s amendment of the working environment act to treat mental and physical working environment as equivalent; and India’s enactment of a sexual harassment law.