A few days ago we posted that with respect to the ADA, “It’s far less expensive, time consuming and distracting to spend a little time and money now to comply with the law, than not to and gamble that you won’t get sued.  Its a bad bet.”

The best advice about employment practices is usually given by those directly involved with the workplace — HR professionals.  Lawyers may know the law but HR folks know the workplace.

Johanna Harris, an all around HR professional from Providence RI, and author of USE PROTECTION: An Employee’s Guide to Advancement in the Workplace(Link), agreed with us that “prevention is priceless.”   She then noted that:

“For the ADA there is a four prong approach that works:

1.  Make sure all employees know where to go to request an accommodation.

2.  Have an interactive discussion about possible accommodations which is documented.

3.  Choose a reasonable accommodation and implement it.

4.  Keep an open mind, remember that the purpose of the ADA is to allow qualified individuals to keep their jobs and always consider the cost of an accommodation compared to the cost of litigation or the replacement costs for a lost employee.”

Anyone else have any good thoughts about prevention?