In its annual end-of-the-fiscal-year Performance Report, the EEOC has reported that it received 93,727 private sector discrimination charges of discrimination – down from the almost 100,000 reported last year.

It also reported a number of other interesting statistics.  It resolved 97,252 charges – far fewer that the prior year, which it attributes to “the decline in staffing and resources the agency faced in FY 2013, including the impact from furloughs.”  However, “[t]he average time for the enforcement staff to investigate and bring charges to resolution was, however, reduced by 21 days to 267 days.”

It recovered $372.1 million in monetary relief for charging parties – a slight increase over the prior year.  It filed 131 “merits lawsuits,” including 89 individual suits, 21 non-systemic class suits, and 21 systemic suits.  And it had 231 cases on its active docket at year end.

Perhaps more importantly, the EEOC announced that “continued to implement its Strategic Plan for FY 2012-2016 and began implementing its Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP), prioritizing systemic enforcement, expanding education and outreach, and improving customer service.”

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