19165404_sThe title is a little flip, but the subject matter of accommodation for religious practices is serious.

A Muslim employee of McDonald’s in Fresno requested a religious accommodation:  the right to grow a beard in accordance with his religious beliefs.  His request was refused and he was fired.  The EEOC sued and The Fresno Bee reports that McDonald’s has agreed to settle the case for $50,000 and other relief.

It is clear, and we have repeatedly reported that Title VII requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for sincerely held religous beliefs unless undue burden is shown.

The EEOC said that “Workers have the right to request an accommodation which would allow them to work while still practicing their religious beliefs.  Employers must consider such requests and ensure that no negative actions are taken against workers who exercise this right.”

This is not rocket science:  religious rights and practices of employees must be taken seriously.