17520345_sThanks to James Brashear, General Counsel of Zix Corporation in Texas, for informing us of an article in Time which, he said “refers to a study reminiscent of your appearance discrimination posts.”   (He refers to our previous posts on Lookism, appearance or beauty bias, and weight and height discriminationOctober 16, 2013July 9, 2012February 11, 2011).The article is entitled “People Who Were Pretty In High School Make More Money Because Life Isn’t Fair,” and begins:  “A new research paper confirms that everything that your mother told you growing up is a lie because the pretty people always win.”

The article links to a report from the Council for Contemporary Families which claims, as Time puts it:  “Women with above average looks reportedly made 8% more while below-average looking women had a 4% penalization. While an attractive man earned just 4% more, men who fell below average on the looks scale were docked 13%.”

Interesting short article and study.  Thanks, James!