Today’s New York Times has a good article by Michael Winerip which dissects a lawsuit commenced by post-60 year old senior administrators at Rutgers, which is part of his continuing series “about baby boomers living through the middle ages” [presumably their own middle ages, not “The Middle Ages”].

Meritorious or not, the case – or at least the article about the case – focusses on older workers in today’s workplace.  “Age discrimination claims are on the rise as members of the post-World War II baby boom enter their 60s.  Last year, 22,857 people filed age-related complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, compared with 16,548 in 2006.”  These facts are undisputed — the reasons for this can be debated.

“Pushed Out Of A Job Early” the headline reads – and you can decide if the facts in the article support this conclusion or not.  A jury will likely do so eventually.