Racial discrimination knows no political or geographical boundaries.  As long as there are racial differences, there seems to be racial prejudice in the workplace.

A news report from Guam tells of a court employee who claims that “he was fed up with being mistreated and ridiculed by his supervisor on a daily basis” because he is Chuukese.  He claims that his boss denied him training and a promotion because of this and overheard her saying to a co-worker “Don’t ever bother with that guy, because he’s a dumb Chuukese.”  He said that  “I was hoping at that time I would just melt and disappear. I’m not an animal. I’m a human being.”

From the press report his case seems to have been filed late, but there also seem to be all sorts of legal wranglings.

We found a blog entitled “Why Chuukese Are Hated On Guam and In Hawaii,” which to the unenlightened could be a defense, or diatribe, written by or about any racial group – or by the fans of one sports team against another.  The article has the feel of a high school sports fan ranting against the other team: “everyone else in Micronesia is jealous of us Chuukese because we are better in everything!” 11926601_s

The point:  substitute any race you want for “Chuukese” and no doubt somewhere in the world there is discrimination in the workplace based upon that race.