In honor of the first time since Thanksgiving was declared a federal holiday that Thanksgiving has coincided with the first night of Hanukkah, Chrissie has selected a 5 Minute Laugh video double feature.  Double the fun seemed appropriate since there will not be another Thanksgivvukah for over 70,000 years.  After all, the City of Boston, has set up an entire webpage devoted to Thanksgivukkah.

If you act quickly, it may not be too late to order your Menurkeymenurkey

The first video is an awesome rap battle parady:

That video was funny, but a little short.  So Chrissie thought who better to wish everyone a Happy Chanksgiving than Adam Sandler.

We wanted to post both of Sandler’s holiday hits, the Thanksgiving Song and the Hanukkah song, but due to strange policies at NBC, finding non-bootlegged video of the Thanksgiving Song is harder than finding Sasquatch.

So, we will leave you with the Hanukkah Song: