The AARP has just published a survey of older voters in NYC ( which comes to the conclusion that almost half of those over 50 were concerned about age discrimination at work – with good reason.

The survey found that after age 55, it takes 4 months longer to find a new job.  And because of financial stress, half of older workers will be forced to work beyond the time that they would have retired.

A key question (and surprising responses) was:

“When asked about job and work issues in NYC, respondents reported they believe the following regarding themselves, a family member or a friend who has turned 50:

  • 26% not been hired for a job because of age.
  • 24% passed over for a raise or promotion due to age.
  • 23% laid off, fired, or forced out of a job since turning 50.
  • 27% encouraged or forced to retire before they preferred to.
  • 23% subjected to unwelcome comments about their age.”

Something to think about.  Of all the protected classes in anti-discrimination law, age is the only one that all of us will become a member of — if we are lucky.