Our partner, Jeff Polsky, wrote an excellent blog post for the California Employment Law blog about the 8 things you should never say in a termination meeting.  The complete list can be found in Jeff’s August 18th post.

Having dealt with a lot of comments similar to the ones Jeff posted about in litigations about employee firings, I would just like to add more item to the list. 

Never say to an employee: Think of how much more time you will now have to spend with the baby.  It will be a great bonding experience.  It will not be a great bonding experience.  It will be a stressful time for the new parent to be worried about finding a new job instead of enjoying the baby. It will also likely have your former employee running straight for a lawyer since you just planted the idea that the termination is due to the new birth.

What are some comments made by managers in termination meetings that have made you groan and/or speed dial your labor counsel?