In last week’s post “Get It Together You F**king Old People!” we discussed a new case about an employer who said this to the only three administrative staff members over age 40, as well as “You need to wear more make-up because of your wrinkles” and “Look at that old f**k.”

Unsurprisingly, the post drew a lot of comments from HR people, some of which we re-publish here:

Jimmy Waters, from Florida, who has over 40 years of Human Resource experience working with manufacturing corporations, wrote:   “Every one of our colleagues currently responsible for administering personnel policies should distribute this case to all of your managers. It is a lot easier to teach and require adherence to the laws of the land than it is to learn from the havoc that may be brought down on your Company by the “Feds”!  I’ve been down that road.  It is not fun.”

Lee Rorman, a labor relations expert and author of a new novel, Labored Relations (which he notes is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble), commented:  “After reading this article, I was so shocked my dentures fell out and my jimmy legs went crazy.”

M. Ayres Gardner, an employment lawyer and mediator from Georgia, said:  “There’s a knee-jerk tendency to blame some other older people: the employer’s parents, who so woefully failed to teach him good manners. But then surely we all know children who just refuse to learn. This person’s behavior is not only illegal, it’s inexcusable in a civilized society.”

And Laurie A. Butler, an HR specialist from Nashville, said:  “This is funny because it’s so absurd that the behavior could even happen nowadays. The speaker wins the Ostrich Award, because he’s had his head buried in the sand for years! Or would the Rip Van Winkle Award be more appropriate?”