We have written a lot recently about cases involving allegations of egregious harassment – incredibly vulgar and offensive slurs in particular.  And many readers have sent in comments which express amazement that such cases exist.

Now comes a new lawsuit filed by the EEOC which alleges such egregious and cavalier acts of physical harassment and assault that one is prompted to ask whether there is a “how to” manual out there somewhere for sexual predators and a “worst practices” manual for employers circulating.


Quoting directly from the EEOC’s press release, we read that the owner of Basta Pasta in Fallston and Lutherville-Timonium,Maryland:

– repeatedly subjected female employees, some of whom were teenagers, to unwelcome and offensive sexual harassment, including touching them on their buttocks, lower backs and shoulders;

– rubbed his genitalia against the buttocks of female employees;

– leered at female employees and made comments about their bodies, including calling them “sexy” or “hot;”

– made sexually suggestive remarks and crude sexual innuendos;

– asked for massages;

– pressured female employees to have alcoholic drinks at the end of their shifts and acted offended if they did not stay and drink;

– gave one female employee alcohol, causing her to pass out and later wake up vomiting [she believes that the owner drugged her in an attempt to sexually assault her]; and

– took another female employee to his house, purportedly to talk about a management opportunity [she believes he drugged and sexually assaulted her].

The suit alleges that two female employees were forced to quit because of this intolerable

sexual harassment

To make matters worse, the restaurant manager complained futilely to upper management about the owner’s sexually offensive behavior, was told to “keep her mouth shut” and was then fired.

These are only allegations, of course — but boy, they make your hair stand on end.