clayA strange case out of the UK – a self-described “devout Christian” was awarded £100,000 as a result of the actions of her colleagues in sticking “mini models of male genitalia made of Blu-Tack on her telephone …  and also scribbl[ing] doodles of penises on drawings she had done for her Brownie pack in a campaign.”    They also used “coarse industrial language” in front of her, knowing that she was devoutly religious.

The judgment of an employment tribunal stated that her colleagues “decided to conduct a planned campaign of obscene behaviour against [her] because they considered that she was a vulnerable individual who was very naive sexually and a devout Christian.  It was sexual harassment of a serious kind and went on for seven or eight months.”

We are unsure what her religion had to do with the claim of sexual harassment, except to perhaps exacerbate damages.