Apparently paying $780,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2005 was not enough to deter a company owner in New Hampshire from continuing to harass female employees.

According to a complaint just filed by the EEOC on behalf of two female employees, the eponymous owner of Fred Fuller Oil Co. harassed one woman with unwanted touching of her breasts while pinning her to her desk, sexually inappropriate language and gestures, demands for sexual favors, to strip at his son’s bachelor party and to wear low-cut shirts. He allegedly harassed the second woman by grabbing his crotch, and making sexually suggestive comments.

An EEOC attorney noted that the EEOC characterized the owner as a “‘serial sexual harasser’ in its first lawsuit.  Unfortunately, that still seems to be true.”

13238074_sAnother EEOC attorney said that “Although the first settlement seems to have given Fuller pause, the allegations in this latest complaint confirm that Fuller did not learn anything from the large payment and the training that was required.  This agency will continue to prosecute Fred Fuller’s company until he gets the message and no woman need fear working for him.”

Significantly, the EEOC in its suit is seeking, among other things, a court order directing Fuller to undergo treatment and counseling, invoking its authority to seek both monetary damages and equitable relief.