I just saw a rerun of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and Amy cover Bavaria’s flag (with her dressed like a pretzel).  It inspired me to come up with another Fun with Employment Law Post.

In New Orleans, it is illegal to curse at a firefighter while the firefighter is in the performance of his or her actual duty.  (Municipal Code Sec. 74-2.)  Would this make life simpler or more difficult for HR managers if there was a similar law outlawing cursing in the workplace and you did not have to deal with complaints like “my boss just told me to get the f*#k out of his office”?

Don’t get me wrong.  I fully support firefighters and think that they deserve our utmost respect, but I think that this law providing workplace protections may be going a little overboard.  Then again, I lived in New Orleans for three years and know what it is like down there during Mardi Gras or in the French Quarter after a Saints game, so maybe this is not such a bad idea.