Today’s 5 minute laugh session is truly a group effort.  The title of this post is courtesy of Cathy, who serves as our “utility player” for all things the rest of us in the office can’t figure out how to do on the computer and of course, Chrissie.


For those of you who wonder who Chrissie is, you can catch a brief sideways glimpse of her at the beginning of the video as she dons her turtle wrangling gloves.  The video does beg the question of whether, if Chrissie was injured rescuing a snapping turtle from our parking lot, she could be disciplined for violating a workplace safety rule or would that be seen as workers’ compensation retaliation?


Of course, we are animal lovers here, so that would not happen. (And I think we would have a hard time with that course of action since the voice you hear on the video providing commentary is our office manager).


Enjoy and if you get a chance, save a turtle!