In our effort to be fair and present all sides of an issue, and to encourage discussion, we print here a comment from a reader, Anthony Vieira, an attorney from LA:

“Mr. Cohen, there are more than 2.2 million personnel serving in our US armed forces. That today we have "Another" sexual assault is an issue for the people and the command involved. Your trying to go further and loop it into some embedded pattern of conduct is lawyer talk and nothing more. This is particularly evident where you make the further claim, as a lawyer, that the issue is the chain of command structure and that it has to go. There are layers of complexity here that you’ll never understand because you evidently haven’t tried to. Talking without making some minimal effort to comprehend the issues doesn’t become us as a profession. We all need to do the hard work of understanding what’s set before us before we can begin to talk credibly (and persuasively) on anything.”

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