An interim rector at Grace Episcopal Church of Whitestone, a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, grabbed the breasts and kissed a sexton and secretary of the church, the latter of whom was fired when she refused him. The EEOC’s subsequent sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit was just settled for $192,500.

According to the three-year court consent decree, there will be an injunction prohibiting both Grace Church and the diocese from engaging in sex harassment or retaliation; providing copies of revised policies on sexual harassment to all employees and all churches within the diocese; reporting to the EEOC all sexual harassment complaints received by Grace Church or the diocese; posting a notice about the EEOC and the lawsuit at the church; and providing anti-discrimination training for all employees.

The EEOC’s New York District Director stated that "All employers, whether private companies or religious institutions, should be aware that they have a responsibility to prevent sexual harassment of their employees. Employers must also make sure that they have multiple avenues for employees to complain about harassment and that those avenues of complaint are communicated to employees."