“Harrowing,” “appalling” and “extreme abuse” were words used by EEOC lawyers regarding a series of lawsuits targeting sexual harassment, particularly of farmworkers who are subject to an "appalling abuse of power."

One example was an EEOC suit against National Food Corporation, a major egg supplier in Washington.  It was alleged that the company allowed a supervisor to physically grab a female worker who worked alone in a henhouse where the harasser was the only management person on site. He made sexual demands upon her several times a week from 2003 to 2010.

She said that "For almost seven years, I tried to just survive these demands from my boss, because I needed to support my mother and my daughter.” 


Now the company has settled this action for $650,000.


The EEOC General Counsel stated what we have been repeating for years: "It is one of the EEOC’s national priorities to combat discrimination against vulnerable workers, and we hope that this settlement sends a message to other employers that they need to be vigilant to prevent sexual harassment and other abuse."