Our post the other day about an employer in Australia found liable under workers comp for an employee’s injuries suffered from wild sex and a falling chandelier drew more comments than any single previous post.  Can’t figure out why?

The best comment (so far) is from Laurie Butler, an HR person, who wrote on a LinkedIn group page the following:

"Aussies — you’ve gotta hand it to them! It’s an interesting thought. The employer had to pay compensation because it had caused her to be in the room. So if she had sex on the desk in her cubicle, and the desk collapsed and injured her, the employer would still be liable? The employee has a desk for the purpose of taking care of the employer’s business. I know that a certain amount of joking around and horseplay is to be expected, but wild and crazy sex? I guess employers are going to have to have people sign waivers before they travel on business: I hereby agree that I will not engage in any sexual activity other than the missionary position while traveling for work purposes.  Ah — life in Oz! G’day, mate!"


A partner of ours asked whether this waiver would give employers license to inquire about the sex lives of employees.  Oy vey!