A Nevada engineering company, which the EEOC accused of requiring a pregnant employee to be certified to carry live ammunition and explosives, has — surprise! — just settled this case of pregnancy and disability discrimination for $70,000. 


  The employee was a pregnant and disabled technical assistant who was employed, along with her husband, at the Hawthorne Army Depot.  The EEOC alleged that:


1.  A manager made derogatory remarks to her and denied her request for an accommodation — to move her office closer to the restroom because of her severe nausea and vomiting.  


2.  The company changed her job description while she was out on pregnancy leave, to require that she be certified to carry live ammunition and explosives, and then fired her.


3.  The company demoted her husband, and fired him for complaining of his wife’s treatment and participating in the EEOC investigation of his wife’s case.


The EEOC reiterated in its press release that ADA and pregnancy-related limitations comprise one of the six national priorities identified in its Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP).