My assistant, Chrissie, (take a bow, Chrissie)  just showed me a hilarious Saturday Night Live clip of an old musical Christmas skit whose song inexplicably popped in her head today. 


Chrissie said we should do this every Friday, have a little 5 minute laugh session.  I immediately said that’s a great idea.  As I then went back to my desk, I ruined my own little bit of happiness by doing what lawyers do best — over thinking things. 


What do you think was my first thought as an employment lawyer? It was: "If we did this, I would have to pre-screen them to make sure they were appropriate."  My second thought as I was pulling up the video to watch it again was "Oh, I didn’t really listen to the words the first time, I hope this one was appropriate." 


I have since watched it again and confirmed there was nothing off-color.  Some of you may be thinking I am over-reacting, but I have spent the afternoon walking a client through a harassment investigation.  Like in a lot of cases, in that case, what started as a joke has now snowballed into a pretty nightmarish situation.  The last thing I need is to be at the center of one of those investigations.


In the meantime, I bring you a little silly cheer on this Friday afternoon in New Jersey:  Here it is from the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Blog