An African-American employee in NYC who was subjected to daily physical and verbal abuse for 1½ years just settled his case for $190,000, the EEOC announced.

The foreman of Day & Zimmerman NPS, a leading supplier to the power industry, often tripped the employee and once kicked him.  He told racist stories and jokes where African-Americans were referred to as “stupid” and “incompetent,” said that an African-American in the news “deserved to be shot,” and said that candidate Obama “would be shot before the country allowed a black president.”  

The EEOC said that "[the employee] complained to management many times for more than a year regarding the harassment, and that when Day & Zimmerman finally arranged a meeting in response, it disciplined [him] less than an hour later, and then fired him that same day, citing a false safety violation as a reason.”  

Readers:  We cite these outrageious cases because some of you are so appalled that you think that these cases are made up.