In a report entitled “African American Workgroup Report,” designed to coincide with the EEOC’s recent Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2012-2016, an internal agency work group of the EEOC detailed the following seven “obstacles” to equal opportunities in the federal workforce for African-Americans:  

  • Unconscious biases and perceptions about African Americans still play a significant role in employment decisions in the federal sector.
  • African Americans lack adequate mentoring and networking opportunities for higher-level and management positions.
  • Insufficient training and development assignments perpetuate inequalities in skills and opportunities for African Americans.
  • Narrow recruitment methods negatively impact African Americans.
  • The perception of widespread inequality among African Americans in the federal work force hinders their career advancement.
  • Educational requirements create obstacles for African Americans in the federal work force.
  • EEO regulations and laws are not adequately followed by agencies and are not effectively enforced.

The report can be obtained at: