A group of 278 amici filed a brief with the Supreme Court urging it to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.  In that group are some of the largest or most well-known employers in the U.S.  Those employers include Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft, Apple, Walt Disney, and Starbucks Corp., to name a few.


This group has signed a brief filed by the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in the case of  United States v. Edith Schlain Windsor, case No. 12-307 asserting that the Defense of Marriage Act places undue administrative burdens on employers who operate in states that have legalized gay marriages or civil unions.  This is largely the same group of employers who have already filed an amicus brief in the case of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. HSS, case No.  12-15 (petition for certiorari pending) and in Hollingsworth v. Perry, Case No. 12-144.


Oral arguments will be held in Hollingsworth and Windsor on March 26 and 27th, respectively.  Decisions are expected in June 2013.


We have long said that the DOMA cases are important for employers as they implicate compliance with state discrimination laws and will impact the administration of employee benefits and tax withholdings.  I guess now we can say we are in good company (pun intended).  Here is the complete list of the companies signing the amicus brief to strike down DOMA.