The Israeli Defense Forces (“IDF”) chief of staff’s advisor on Women’s Affairs, Brig. Gen. Racheli Tevet-Weisel, has reported 2012 statistics showing approximately 500 complaints from soldiers of sexual harassment or assault, 10% of them from male soldiers. 


A story in Israel News by Yoav Zitun notes that Gen. Tevet-Weisel stated that “Our emphasis this year is on prevention … we are investing in heavy sentencing and in an informational campaign." Further she said that the IDF was installing billboards about sexual harassment and will release a film on social networks.



In another story, the Jerusalem Post reports that a number of female employees of the Israeli NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. – have filed sexual harassment police complaints against the chairman, Michael Ratzon, a former Likud deputy minister. One woman complained of a physical assault. 



Ratzon has responded that the allegations are part of a "premeditated and organized attack that is completely unfounded, meant only to prevent the extension of my service at my current position."