We received a lot of comments from readers about our "Broken Windows" post last week.  We wondered if employers could reduce workplace sexual harassment — the kind that gets you sued –if every little unwanted comment or leer was discouraged or had consequences.  

Here is one comment (keep those cards and letters coming in!):   

Kevin Panet, MS HRM, SPHR-CA liked the application of the theory, and wrote:

"Yes, I can certainly see how the "broken window theory" relates to the creation of a hostile environment. Most people don’t get up in the morning and decide to go grab someone in an inappropriate manner. However, most harassers do start out small, maybe with inappropriate photos. When they find they can get away with that, they might tell inappropriate stories or jokes. If they can get away with that, then they might try to get physical. So, if you can address inappropriate actions that contribute to a hostile environment with those actions are small, you will have less problems down the road. … and less broken windows."