One more comment about the applicability of the "Broken Windows Theory" and workplace sexual harassment.  Michele Sommer, an Employee Relations and Human Resources specialist, said that it "would make a difference. When you let little things go, people tend to try more. Just look at the spectrum of violence. People rarely act out with murder as their first act on the spectrum. Rather there is most often a escalation of behavior."


She helpfully addressed our initial request for HR people to weigh in as to exactly what can be done in the workplace to "repair the broken windows" early on:   


"We do need to define ‘zero tolerance.’  I am not saying that every minor infraction needs to be disciplined or someone fired or a public calling out. If I witness someone who crosses the line in a minor way or comes close to crossing the line, I will pull them aside and explain my reaction, remind them of the policy, remind them that it’s not intent but impact that matters and suggest they refrain from saying or doing what they just did. We need to be sure that we review situations on a case by case basis and make sure that the punishment fits the crime (emphasis added).”