At the University of Iowa, an investigation showed that the athletics academic adviser violated the school’s harassment policy over a period of years.   In December, the President of the Regents, which governs the university, said that this showed a failure to implement a policy that requires all university employees to participate in sexual hharassment training.


The university president, Sally Mason, requested that an internal audit be conducted into the school’s hiring and training practices, and the results showed 100% compliance in attending the sexual harassment training in the Athletics Department, but only 81.6 % compliance overall in the school.

The audit recommendations included centralized personnel files, training on performance reviews, and ensuring all evaluations are completed timely.  The university management will implement the recommendations by April, and report back to the Regents then.  


The university has done pretty well in implementing harassment training programs, and in conducting an audit to assure compliance.  As an employer, can you say the same thing?