Portland Oregon has witnessed a remarkable turn of events within its police department.  According to The Oregonian, the police chief reassigned a police lieutenant who had “inappropriate physical contact with women under his command in the records division” to a new command:  to supervise sex crime detectives who handle sex assault and human trafficking cases.  In December, the Portland Police Review Board had recommended that the lieutenant be fired.  


This may seem like a bad joke, but not to one of his victims who had filed a harassment complaint and now had to work in his new unit.



However, the chief, after “facing harsh criticism” of his judgment from the director of the Independent Police Review Division, and leaders of the Citizen Review Committee, reversed course, and a spokesman said “"After further consideration, Chief Mike Reese did not want to leave any doubt that the Portland Police Bureau takes harassment complaints very seriously and today has decided to reassign Lt. Wyatt.  Lt. Wyatt’s assignment has yet to be determined."  



Is it tone-deafness, the traditional "blue wall of silence," or just stupidity?