This is not quite an employment discrimination story – but more of a story about sexual harassment of women after work ends. A nationwide survey in India has found that 92 per cent of women working in information technology, hospitality, civil aviation and call centers feel unsafe travelling home after work.  

Why should the nature of their work make them more or less vulnerable to post-work harassment? 

Seems that women who work in areas such as travel, tourism, nursing, and information technology were most vulnerable simply because they had to work late.

92% of women respondents in Delhi claimed that they did not feel safe at night (in fact two of every three women had experienced sexual harassment), 85% in Bangalore, 82 % in Kolkata, and 18% in Hyderabad. 

A majority of the women blamed this on inadequate street lighting and unsafe public transportation, and the Indian chamber of commerce organization that conducted the survey suggested that GPS devices be installed in taxis and public transportation, that women be trained in self-defense, and that employers “take extra precautions in case of women staff working till late in the evening.”