We have now received the long-awaited EEOC performance report for fiscal year 2012, its Performance and Accountability Report (prepared pursuant to its February 2012 Strategic Plan).


Some of the highlights of the EEOC’s 2012 fiscal year:


1.         The EEOC received 99,412 charges of discrimination, almost the same as last year, but resolved 111,139 charges. 


2.         The EEOC filed 122 lawsuits on the merits.


3.         20 percent of the EEOC’s litigation cases were systemic cases.  


4.         The EEOC “secured” $365.4 million in monetary awards — its highest ever. $44.2 million of this was through litigation, and approximately $36 million came from investigations and conciliations of systemic charges of discrimination.  


5.          The EEOC “secured” more than $61.9 million for parties who requested hearings in the federal sector.