We wrote last week that the EEOC was targeting sexual harassment cases, and on November 5th we reported that the EEOC just sued Señor Frog’s for “rampant sexual harassment of its female employees in Honolulu.”


The EEOC has just issued a press release touting a settlement of a sexual harassment and retaliation charge with the company that operates Tenaya Lodge, near Yosemite National Park.  To avoid a lawsuit, Tenaya Lodge will pay $195,000, plus:


“will provide equal employment opportunity training for all current employees and, thereafter, for all new hires in the language that the employee understands, along with additional training for managerial and human resources staff on how to deal with discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  Tenaya Lodge also agreed to post a notice about the settlement in English and Spanish; to report future instances of discrimination to the EEOC; and to publicize the settlement via press release.”


When the EEOC sued Senor Frog’s, the regional EEOC attorney was stern: “We are troubled by the increase of sexual harassment cases and companies continuing to fail to take this problem seriously."   In settling the Tenaya Lodge charge, however, an EEOC attorney was decidedly more upbeat:   "We commend Tenaya Lodge for working with the Commission to resolve this matter and for agreeing to implement measures to protect their employees from harassment, discrimination and retaliation."


Draw your own conclusions.