On May 21st and October 1st we wrote that the EEOC was serious about pursuing pregnancy discrimination cases filed under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). As an EEOC local regional director noted then: “Having a new child should be a joyous event, not one that leads to unemployment.” We have cautioned employers for a long time that the EEOC was targeting pregnancy discrimination.

As a small example of this, we can report that the EEOC has just issued a press release that it has settled a lawsuit that it filed against Capri Home Care, a leading home health agency in Central Florida, for $23,000 and other relief. It was alleged in that suit that Capri had hired a female job applicant for a billing clerk/administrative assistant position but withdrew the offer when it discovered that she was pregnant.

EEOC attorneys were quoted as follows: "Pregnancy discrimination is a great social wrong,” and "The struggle of pregnant women in the workplace continues to be problematic. Women should not have to fear that disclosing their pregnancy will lead to lost job opportunities."