On May 21st , September 28thOctober 1st and November 1st we wrote that the EEOC was serious about pursuing pregnancy discrimination cases filed under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). We have cautioned employers for a long time that the EEOC was targeting pregnancy discrimination.


Now we learn that the EEOC has sued a Comfort Inn & Suites franchisee in Michigan who fired  a housekeeper when it learned that she was pregnant, contending that “it could not allow her to continue to work as a housekeeper because of the potential harm to the development of her baby.”


This, if true, is clearly pregnancy discrimination, even if, as the Supreme Court held, it is couched in the language of safety and health.  "Employers may not bar pregnant employees from work because of outdated myths or stereotypes,” an EEOC attorney was quoted a stating.