Racial slurs and nooses – these have been the subjects of more than one of our recent blogs. Now the EEOC reports an upping of the ante – a late-night threat of death against an employee if he made any more racial harassment complaints against co-workers.

The EEOC just announced that it sued MMR Constructors, Inc. in Arkansas, claiming hostile work environment under Title VII because an employee was subjected to racially offensive language, graffiti and death threats by other employees.

Once again an EEOC attorney was forced to make a strong statement about race discrimination:

"Racial harassment too often continues to occur in today’s workplaces while employers intentionally look the other way. A case where the victim received death threats at his home, as we found here, is especially abhorrent and unacceptable. The EEOC will continue to fight against this illegal and uncivilized misconduct."