The EEOC just sued two companies alleging pregnancy discrimination — clearly signalling that this type of discrimination is on their radar.

Muskegon River Youth Home in Michigan had policies in place which required a woman to immediately notify the company once she learned that she was pregnant, and required her to produce a certification from her doctor that she is capable of continuing to work.  We noted yesterday that policies are great and desirable — but that they cannot be discriminatory! 

J’s Seafood Restaurant of Panama City, Florida discharged two servers after it learned of their pregnancies, telling them that their pregnancies caused them to be a liability to the company.

An EEOC attorney stated that "The EEOC is committed to holding employers accountable when they fire employees, or subject them to other unlawful treatment, because of their sex or pregnancy. This lawsuit, we trust, will deter other employers from engaging in this same type of conduct."