The EEOC has just sued UPS on behalf of an Arab and Muslim employee who claims that the company allowed supervisors and coworkers to harass him and then retaliated against him when he reported the harassment. The company, of course, has not yet had a chance to respond.

The lawsuit alleges that since 2004, workers pelted the plaintiff with rocks, bottles and tools, put a dead mouse into his lunch bag, and called him "Dr. Bomb," "Al Qaeda," and "Taliban." A supervisor also told him that he would not be permitted to work with hazardous materials because "you are a terrorist and you are going to blow up the building."

We noted in a number of earlier blogs an increase in the number of Muslims filing charges and lawsuits alleging employment discrimination on the basis of religion and/or national origin, and that “although Muslims make up only two percent of the U.S. workforce,” they filed nearly 25 percent of religious-discrimination claims in 2009. “Terrorist” and “member of al-Qaeda” seem to be common epithets hurled at these employees, but as this new complaint alleges, Muslim employees are having more than just words hurled at them.