Yesterday we blogged that the EEOC has filed a number of ADA lawsuits, perhaps signaling the nature of their current agenda.

Well, another case was just announced by the EEOC. It was alleged that Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, a Chicago health center that provides services to persons with mental health, behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse problems, failed to accommodate and then fired an employee who requested time off to seek treatment for depression and panic.  Instead, the EEOC alleges, it required her to be treated by the company doctor, and then fired her because of her disability.

Recall that on September 21st we reported that Phoenix-based Creative Networks, which also services the disabled, was just held to have violated the ADA.

It’s a mystery to me how a company whose purpose is to help those with disabilities can turn around and fail to accommodate employees with the exact same disabilities.  Can it be that they know their business well enough but do not know the law?