Rhode Island recently became the first jurisdiction in the United States to pass a law which prohibits employment discrimination based upon the status of being homeless, i.e., the law grants the right to seek and keep a job even if one does not have permanent housing.  The law also prohibits unfair treatment of people because of their homeless status as it relates to the actions of police, health-care workers, and landlords. 

The following is the relevant section of the Homeless Bill of Rights as it applies to employers:  "No person’s rights, privileges, or access to public services may be denied or abridged solely because he or she is homeless. Such a person shall be granted the same rights and privileges as any other resident of this state. A person experiencing homelessness: (3) Has the right not to face discrimination while seeking or maintaining employment due to his or her lack of permanent mailing address, or his or her mailing address being that of a shelter or social service provider"