In case you thought otherwise, the United States is not alone in experiencing blatant acts of race or national origin discrimination. According to CNN, the 2011 Australian census revealed that Indian and Chinese born Australians make up 1.4% and 1.5% of the country’s population, two of the largest such foreign born groups. Despite their small percentage of the country’s population, apparently some folks don’t want to hire them.

A cleaning subcontractor for Coles supermarket, one of the largest such chains in Australia, posted an online wanted ad (since removed) seeking cleaners at a Coles store near Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, that stated that "no Indians or Asians" should apply.

This ad was "discriminatory on the basis of race" and a breach of the Tasmania Anti-Discrimination Act, according to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks. 

Moreover, Coles may not have "fulfilled its obligations to ensure its agents do not engage in discrimination."

The Commissioner stated that she intends to investigate.