Mail Online has just reported that Mark McCammon, a black “footballer” who filed what appears to be the first race discrimination suit in British soccer, has prevailed before an employment tribunal which held that he was “racially victimised at his former club” and then fired for alleged misconduct.

McCammon told the tribunal that he (and other black players) were “put through hell” at his former club and had been treated differently from white players in the following ways:

    – he was required to come to work in “treacherous” snowy driving conditions, although white players were not.

    – following an injury the club refused to pay for his private medical bills incurred in his effort to regain his fitness, while “a white team-mate was flown to Dubai for treatment by an eminent physiotherapist at the club’s expense.”

    – he was treated disparately while injured.

    – he was told not to blog while others were permitted to.

The Dubai-based club chairman called the allegations “malicious and without foundation.”