In England, it has been reported that the East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council has received a £55,000 grant from the Office for Civil Society to continue providing free employment discrimination advice for another year.

As the Burton Mail reported yesterday, Director Amir Kabal of the Racial Equality Council explained that “[t]he money would enable it to continue providing free advice, guidance and support at the point of need to victims of all ‘protected characteristics’ outlined by the 2010 Equality Act.” Racial Equality Council Chairman Dennis Fletcher further stated that “In the current climate of cutbacks and squeeze on public finances, it is difficult for voluntary organisations to cope with demand.

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths stated that “Discrimination is a hugely important issue and [the Racial Equality Council’s] approach of intervening early and working with all parties to find a resolution solves problems and saves money for everyone in the long run.”