We told you the other day that EEOC Commissioner Lipnic confimed that the EEOC would continue to file 200 to 300 lawsuits this year, targeting alleged systemic discrimination as well as large companies.     

In this regard, the EEOC just filed suit against a Dollar General store in Ohio, for alleged retaliation in the firing of two employees for their participation in a pregnancy discrimination investigation.   Dollar General is purportedly the nation’s largest small-box discount retailer.  


The EEOC also filed suit against a Texas Wendy’s franchisee for refusing to hire an applicant who is  hearing-impaired, in alleged violation of The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).   The plaintiff claimed that the general manager told him that “there is really no place for someone we cannot communicate with.”


Thanks to the Kansas City Business infoZine.  Read the Dollar General article and the Wendy’s article.