On March 20th we wrote about the use of "code words" which many courts have held may be direct evidence of age discrimination.  We gave some examples, told you to stay away from such words, and challenged employers " What other words or expressions can you think of that are coded for “age” or “old?”  

The EEOC answered our challenge.  It just filed an Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) suit against New York City’s Marymount Manhattan College, alleging age discrimination against the 64-year-old “leading candidate” for a choreography instructor position.      


The EEOC’s April 18th press release stated that the search committee selected a less qualified, 37-year-old applicant, because she was “at the right moment of her life for commitment to a full-time position.” 


"At the right moment of her life" — that’s a new one on me!


Keep those cards and letters coming!