We noted in our blog of February 29, 2012, that embattled still-Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin sits poised to sign a bill  passed by the state legislature which would repeal the state’s Fair Employment Act to eliminate compensatory and punitive damages if a plaintiff proves employment discrimination. 

Now, the Missouri State Senate has just approved the state’s lower chamber’s version of a bill that would diminish the rights of workers who allege employment discrimination claims. Nevertheless, the new bill, if signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon, which is unlikely, would only bring the state law into line with the requirements of federal law Title VII.    

The bill would require plaintiffs to allege that discrimination is not simply one contributing factor to any adverse employment action, but a “motivating factor.” 

Although the bill’s Republican sponsor contended that it would raise the standards to better protect employees, in reality it would lower the standards. His real agenda was displayed when he the stated that the issues addressed in the bill were raised by the business community of Missouri.