This is not the start of a joke.  We have not taken a vacation from our usual Employment Discrimination Report to break into the comedy business.  Instead, this is the start of a potential claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


MSN recently reported that a disabled man is suing GameStop Corp. for denying him and his miniature horse access to one of its stores.  The man, who uses a wheelchair, uses the miniature horse as a service animal to help pull his wheelchair.


In case you missed this in the revised ADA regulations issued in March 2011, the definition of service animal now explicitly includes miniature horses.  It also more narrowly defines service animal so that people cannot simply bring their pets into businesses and claim the animal is for emotional comfort.  Instead, service animals can only be dogs or miniature horses. 


Although not as common as dogs, employees should still be trained that this cute little guy is a working service animal.